“I was diagnosed with chronic ulcerative colitis about ten years ago. As time progressed, it was getting harder to treat. I have taken all kinds of medication that American doctors prescribed to me, but none of them helped much. The symptoms, such as diarrhea and abdominal pain, could not be controlled. Occasionally I needed to take steroids to control the inflammation. Chinese medicine and acupuncture helped to relieve some of the pain symptoms, but it recurred more frequently in recent years.

I began to learn Qi Gong at the Houston SongShan Shaolin Temple in November 2009. I was very sick at that time and was on high dosages of steroids. I felt tired and exhausted all the time. One of my Chinese medical doctors suggested me to practice Qi Gong. I thought why not give it a try since other medicines are not working.

At the very beginning, I was skeptical, but after having a few private lessons with Grand Master Shi De Shan, especially after he emitted Chi energy to me, I could feel a hot sensation over my body, particularly on my hands and feet which are always cold during winter. However, I felt warm and started to sweat. I also felt energetic and relaxed. I gradually reduced the intake of my steroids to none and currently taking minimum medication to maintain remission.

Right now it’s been almost ten months, I go see Master Shi De Shan once a week. Not only does he heal me, but he also teaches me how to practice and run my own energy inside to heal myself. This is a preventive medicine for anyone who is perfectly healthy. Qi Gong offers many health benefits at different level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I can tell that Qi Gong cannot change what life brings to us but it will change how we respond to what life brings to us.

Thanks to Master Shi De Shan, my quality of life has improved significantly since I began to practice Qi Gong. ”


” Qi Gong is exactly what I’ve being searching for to strength my inter self… I have always been a very healthy man but in the summer of 2009 I was closed to getting a heart attack. After spending three days in the hospital the doctors prescribe me with all kinds of medications, among them, peals for High blood pressure, anxiety and cholesterol to mention some.
I’ve being taking Qi Gong with Master Shi De Shan for six months and I already feel like a 25 year old man again… And to make things better no more peals and lots of energy to go through my long days at work.
I wish I had found Shaolin Temple of America and Master Shi De Shan long before, for me, for my family and my health”

Saul Estrella
Actual Student

My family, and then I personally, went through traumatic events in the summer of 2010.  Trauma doesn’t begin to describe it.  I was numb with rare flashes of anger and grief.  I started to get small rashes and would go to a dermatologist, get some cream, and the rash would go away easily.  It started happening more and more often, the rash was more widespread, and the feeling was growing from itching to feeling like I was being eaten by ants.  I developed tolerance for medications, and some just didn’t work.  I would go for days sleeping 20 minutes at a time, only to wake up crying to see that I had scratched myself until I was bleeding, in my sleep.  The only relief I had was going to acupuncture and being bled, but I had to do this twice a week with no end in sight.  I saw probably 15 dermatologists who disagreed, changed my medication, and even refused to keep seeing me as a patient if I didn’t stop all alternative medicine.  After 4 negative lupus tests, negative allergy patch testing, 4 biopsies that showed an allergy to UVB followed by UVB irradiation/light therapy that didn’t work, the Chairs of dermatology at both Baylor and UT medical schools agreed that I should go to The Mayo Clinic.  The final, big flare in March 2011 had my eyelids swollen half shut, and with the constant stinging and sleep deprivation I was pretty sure I was going crazy.  I locked myself in my house and gave up.  I was in the ER multiple times due to problems with detoxing from steroids, and blood sugar problems caused by long term steroid use.  I wore heavy pants and jackets to acupuncture in the summer to hide my appearance, and I will never forget the day my car registered 116F and I was dressed like I was headed to Antarctica.  After this first month of treatment, the rash will disappear completely for many days, and any minor flare up is treated quickly, without medication.  My sleep is approaching normal, I feel truly peaceful at times, and although what happened in the past has not improved, I am able to live in the present more and more, and appreciate moments of joy, playfulness, and kindness without cynicism.  Thank you DaSifu for this gift, and thank you to Dr. You and his interns at ACAOM for supporting me and guiding me here.
Allison Hluchan

My Experience at the Shaolin Temple in Houston

I am originally from Bolivia.  I came to Houston nearly one month ago.  At that time I was feeling very sick due to severe pain in my back and was suffering from depression, stress and anxiety.  All of this was causing my body to begin to deteriorate.  I could not move or sit for long periods of time.  This has been the culmination of many years of a stressful working environment, family issues too much travelling, etc.  I did seek help from conventional and alternative medicine but nothing seemed to help for long.

I have long wanted to travel to China for spiritual reasons.  And now, with my health issues, I began exploring a trip to places like Shaolin Temple in China to seek physical treatment and spiritual guidance.  I began to explore the Internet for this purpose.  Much to my surprise there is a legitimate Shaolin Temple in Houston run by Master Shi De Shan.

I met the Master and began treatments immediately.  He began with therapy for my back utilizing tools developed at the Temple in China.  This physical therapy was only one part of the healing process.  I also began to take group lesson in Tai Chi combined with sessions focusing on spiritual healing which are all the basic elements of Kung Fu developed by the Shaolin Priests.

After only 3 weeks of treatment and lessons, I am feeling very well.  My health is great and my body, my soul and my brain are finally together.  I feel like a different person.  I am healthy, happy and very positive.  This is the reason that I wish to express to my Master Shi De Shan my extreme gratitude, to John Bentz, who through a short session helped to find peace in my soul and change my life with a positive view.  I would also like to thank the Master’s teaching assistants.

Thanks for all,

Sandra Aliaga